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About the Arts

Fine Arts at Athens Elementary: Our Purpose

arts and music

Arts in Education

The languages of the arts are universal and elemental parts of the human experience. Arts education is imperative as a fundamental component of a well-rounded education for every ACS student. Through participation in a high-quality, comprehensive arts education program, students engage in a variety of activities that address diverse learning styles, cultivate multiple intelligences, develop higher-order thinking skills, and build confidence to pursue lifelong learning.

The Arts at Athens Elementary

AES offers Art and Music as part of the arts education program. Arts literacy is the goal of arts education at AES. Arts literacy consists of the knowledge, understanding, and skills required to participate authentically in the arts. It results from high-quality arts education that inspires and engages lifelong learning for all students. Fluency in the arts includes the ability to create, perform/produce/present, respond, and connect through symbolic and metaphoric forms that are unique to the arts. Individuals attaining literacy in the arts easily connect knowledge, skills, and processes to other subjects, settings, and contexts. Further, the essential creative practices of imagination, investigation, construction, and reflection are cognitive processes by which students can achieve excellence. These practices are not only fundamental to the arts, but also important across all content areas. While each of the arts disciplines has its own unique set of knowledge, skills, and processes, the arts share common characteristics that make arts education powerful preparation for college, career, and a fulfilling life. Each of the arts disciplines is powered by the energy of four artistic processes: Creating, Performing/Producing/Presenting, Responding, and Connecting. Elementary arts education at AES creates 21st century citizens capable of communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.

Building Bridges with Art

An understanding of the arts enables students to reach across social boundaries and gain insight into the values of other cultures, which is a valuable asset in the global society of the 21st Century. Our community is increasingly culturally diverse, and this necessitates the learning and celebrating of many cultural traditions. Classroom experiences in the arts at AES includes opportunities for students to study a variety of cultures and become familiar with their artistic expressions to increase their understanding of various cultural groups. Cultural insights are broadened when students have opportunities to view exhibits in museums and art galleries; to attend dance, musical, or theatrical and media performances; and to work with artists, musicians, and performers who are invited to our school.